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Big dreams for little artists

The CIRCUS collection turns every child‘s room into a dazzling manège for small circus princesses, courageous beasts of prey, talented gymnasts or skilled jugglers. It takes children into the magical world of the circus: Hearts beat faster for a breath-taking ride on the giant elephant. Eyes light up at the sight of artists. There is plenty of space for dreams between the fantastic wildlife, beautiful art and the sound of drums. And, fortunately, a child‘s imagination is never satisfied: The little circus stars can take their pets with them while travelling ...

The adorable motifs of the CIRCUS collection are loveable and clever companions, day or night. They adorn sheets, curtains or pillow covers as well as fanciful backpacks or soft balls for playing. Juggling mice in a tutu, an elephant parade in a rain of confetti, a cosy bear with a blowing scarf on his bike, seals in striped sweaters – all represent the irrepressible energy and joie de vivre of the circus. They embody all that magic that becomes a reality only in the dreams of children.

The CIRCUS collection is lively and soothing at the same time in pudgy pink, heavenly light blue and delicate beige. Pastel-coloured garlands adorn the small and large areas and make the whole children‘s room a circus tent. Dots in confetti colours exude carefree happiness. Every single day. 

Products Collection CIRCUS

All 18 designs in the CIRCUS collection are available by the metre. Colour coordinated ribbons and buttons are also available.

fabric by the metre circus
Fabric by the metre CIRCUS

100% Cotton

Fabric by the metre CIRCUSclose

All 18 designs in the CIRCUS collection are available by the metre.


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