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FASHION is the fabric collection for dressmaking fabrics from Gütermann ring a roses. Gütermann and burda style have created trendy fabric designs for the autumn/winter season 2019/20. The combination of the chic fashion fabrics with the attractive dressmaking patterns promises success in sewing your favourite styles. They are easy to sew, pleasant to wear and absolutely up to the minute.









Model Trio









Juna is a cotton satin with a subtle sheen. It is soft and warm on the skin while retaining the desired shape. Thus, this fine fabric is excellently suited to women’s clothing such as skirts, dresses, trousers or even blazers. It is easy to make pieces of clothing because the fabric is simple to sew together.

The pattern we are proposing here makes a modern, slightly A-line mini skirt. It is really easy to sew with its narrow waistband and rear zipper.







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Lina and Luana are soft, stretch, viscose-jersey fabrics with a smooth surface. They hang beautifully on the body. At the same time they allow for plenty of movement when worn in more body-hugging designs. Loosely falling tops, skirts or dresses look particularly good in this soft fabric quality.

The patterns for two tops are suitable for beginners. The wrap-look shirt with a softly falling front section will flatter every wearer and create a beautiful décolleté. The roll-neck shirt with bishop’s sleeves is very morn. The sleeve seem is gathered simply with elastic.







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Mia and Melina are smooth cotton jerseys. Their proportion of elastane and their thicker quality allow them to model the shape of the body gently without being uncomfortable. The soft, flowing characteristics of the fabric make it ideal for wide-cut trousers and dresses, but this fabric is also excellent for tighter pieces of clothing such as skirts and leggings.

The proposed patterns could be used to create a comfortable pair of ankle-skimming trousers or a 1960s style dress with French darts. The trousers with cuffed legs and elasticated back waistband have slanted side pockets on the front and can be pulled on. The dress is slightly fitted with a small scoop neckline.







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Samira and Sienna are light viscose fabrics. They are easy-care and are comfortable to wear because of the soft, flowing way they fall. Skirts and dresses in this fabric have an airy, loosely falling style. But this fabric type is also excellent for sewing light blouses.

The patterns for an A-line skirt and a feminine boho dress display the benefits of the material perfectly. The skirt section of the dress plays around the figure without clinging. It is of medium difficulty with its hip yoke and long, narrow sleeves. The slightly flared skirt with its elasticated waistband and no closures
is extremely easy to sew.







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Alicia is a particularly light, flowing viscose fabric with an evenly smooth surface. It is soft and breathable and therefore very comfortable to wear. This woven viscose fabric is excellent for making blouses, dresses and skirts.

The pattern proposed here can be used to make a stylish gypsy blouse with long raglan sleeves and a drawstring at the neckline. This loosely falling fabric will flatter any figure and is also well suited to beginners.







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Thanks to the unravelled cooperation between burda style and Gütermann dressmaking, fans can find dressmaking patterns to harmonise perfectly with the trendy fabrics and designs. Eight different burda style patterns and five suitable fabric qualities from Gütermann ensure that your outfit is individual and stylish.

Fashion for Autumn/Winter 2019/20

Large-scale floral and leaf patterns, striking motifs in 60s styles and a smart leopard print are the eye-catchers of the Fashion Collection. Colour nuances of orange and coral that are trending in the world of fashion, bold greens and blues and elegant touches of red are highly effective. All the designs create real looks and innumerable styling possibilities.

Unbelievably comfortable to wear

Five different fabric qualities from softly draping to smoothly warming offer the right material for various dressmaking patterns and personal preferences. Different compositions emphasise stability of form, feel and comfort, at the same time they are all exceptionally easy-care.

Patterns with step by step instructions

The popular dressmaking patterns from burda style pick up the season‘s fashion trends. Even beginners are assured of success in creating garments of a perfect fit. The collection comprises two dresses, a pair of trousers, two skirts, two long-sleeved T-shirts and a blouse. There is talent for combinations here from relaxed to elegant, from classic to extravagant.