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Deco Stitch 70

Deco Stitch 70 from Gütermann creativ is the shimmering silky top-stitch thread, made with the unique Micro Core Technology®, for everyone who likes to produce individual creations with passion and attention to detail. Because the thread‘s cross-section is uniformly circular, this high-quality three-ply sewing thread allows you to create ornamental stitches and backstitch seams.


100 % Polyester

Needle / Needle size

Universal Needle NM 90 - 100


No. 70


Product advantages

  • 3-dimensional sewing thread
  • Unique manufacturing technology with Micro Core Technology®
  • Optimally matched to the stitch density of decorative stitches on household sewing machines
  • Most beautiful ornamental stitches and decorative backstitch seams
  • Closing and backstitch seams
  • Needle thread in combination with Sew-all Thread as bobbin thread
  • Light to medium-weight fabrics, woven fabrics and many other materials


  • OEKO-TEX_94.0.9492
  • Label MCT


Art. Length Shades
702160 70 m 36 (uni)
702161 70 m 12 (multicolour)