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Be inspired: Find suitable product Information and instructions for decorative seams, overlock and coverlock seams, jeans and much more in the Gütermann creativ world – including sustainable sewing.

Overlock and coverstitch seams

Sewing your own clothes is trend – and an increasing number of overlock and coverstitch sewing machines are finding their way into people’s craft rooms. And Gütermann creativ is supplying high-quality sewing threads for these popular and fashionable sewing projects.

Most beautiful ornamental stitches and decorative backstitch seams

Deco Stitch 70 – This sewing thread makes clothing and accessories distinctive and unique. Deco Stitch 70 from Gütermann creativ is the shimmering silky top-stitch thread for everyone who likes to produce individual creations with passion and attention to detail.

Professional jeans thread Denim 100 m

Denim fabrics are trendy right now – and not just for jeans. Authentic, sturdy and cool, denim bags, backpacks, pillow cases or vase covers make for great accessories.

Recycled sewing thread

Beautiful sewing in harmony with nature: our quality rPET sewing threads make it possible, because they are made from 100 % recycled PET bottles.

No matter whether for clothing or accessories – sustainable sewing is possible in outstanding quality.