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Sewing thread rPET – 100 % recycled polyester

Because we love nature

Beautiful sewing in harmony with nature: our quality rPET sewing threads make it possible, because they are made from 100 % recycled PET bottles.

As early as 2010, A&E Gütermann was the first sewing thread manufacturer to develop and present a recycled sewing thread for end users. With our rPET sewing threads we have come a big step closer to the desired harmony of efficiency and ecology. As a global player we have created sustainable value, take responsibility for our environment and conserve natural resources.

No matter whether for clothing or accessories – sustainable sewing is possible in outstanding quality. The rPET sewing threads are also produced with Micro Core Technology®, the unique microfilamentbased spinning process.


Be responsible for the environment – conserve natural resources! The Sew-all Thread rPET 100 m, Top Stitch rPET 30 m and Miniking rPET 1.000 m are the sewing threads from Gütermann creativ made of 100 % recycled polyester.

The raw material for these environmentally-friendly threads is provided by recycled beverage bottles made of 100 % PET (polyethylenterephthalate). The collected PET bottles are washed in different stages, shredded into so-called flakes and melted.

The microfilaments that are obtained from the granulate then form the basis for production of the sewing threads.

The special advantages of the sewing threads made from rPET lie in the recycled raw material. It conserves the environment and saves natural resources.

Thanks to the Micro Core Technology® environmentally-friendly sewing threads with excellent sewing properties can be produced with the existing production facilities and processes.

The spools for the sewing threads made from rPET are made of 100 % polystyrene (PS) or 100 % polypropylene (PP) and can be disposed of with the separated household waste, and in this way are supplied to the recycling loop.

Recycled sewing thread

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Sewing thread set rPET

The Sew-all Thread rPET is available as a single item and in four different sewing thread sets: