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Welcome to Gütermann creativ

A&E Gütermann is one of the world’s leading sewing thread manufacturers. This means that sewing enthusiasts around the world know us and have great confidence in our brand. The world of Gütermann creativ is the whole world of sewing. With our high-quality sewing threads for hobby sewing as well as for professionals, we are the market leader in the premium segment in many countries.

We are happy to inspire and impress you with passion and outstanding know-how. We are known as a long-standing, reliable and competent partner. Under the motto “think globally, act locally”, we apply a consistent approach based on responsible and sustainable actions, fairness and diversity.

Theme worlds

Be inspired: Find suitable product Information and instructions for decorative seams, overlock and coverlock seams, jeans and much more in the Gütermann creativ world – including sustainable sewing.

Premium Collection BRIGHT SIDE

Pastel power for well-being and relaxation. The BRIGHT SIDE spring collection from Gütermann ring a roses adds a special flair and evokes holiday feelings.

Sewing threads

The quality sewing threads from Gütermann creativ make sewing fun and create the most beautiful seams. Raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes guarantee optimal sewing properties.

DIY Instructions

You want to design something creative, but you can’t think of any suitable ideas? You like making things? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Discover lots of creative sewing and craft ideas with step-by-step instructions to copy.

Most beautiful ornamental stitches and decorative backstitch seams

Deco Stitch 70 – This sewing thread makes clothing and accessories distinctive and unique. Deco Stitch 70 from Gütermann creativ is the shimmering silky top-stitch thread for everyone who likes to produce individual creations with passion and attention to detail.

Gütermann ring a roses Premium fabric collections

Out of love the finer things in life. Using your heart and mind to design and make your own, for yourself and others, to embellish and transform, to lift your mood and gift a present, for old and young. Take a dance into a world of ideas.

Discover the wonderful home textiles fabrics of the brand Gütermann ring a roses.