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Most beautiful ornamental stitches and decorative backstitch seams

Deco Stitch 70 – This sewing thread makes clothing and accessories distinctive and unique. Deco Stitch 70 from Gütermann creativ is the shimmering silky top-stitch thread for everyone who likes to produce individual creations with passion and attention to detail.


Because the thread‘s cross-section is uniformly circular, this high-quality three-ply sewing thread allows you to create ornamental stitches and backstitch seams with an exceptional touch of beauty and professionalism. The No. 70 thickness makes this special thread absolutely ideal for the stitch density of ornamental stitches on household sewing machines. Whether you are working on clothing or accessories, Deco Stitch 70 guarantees an impressive 3D look to your seams.

Style your Stitch

The classic solid colours show off the embroidery stitches with style and elegance. In multicolour shades Deco Stitch 70 ensures freshness and exciting effects. This is always set off by the silky sheen of the thread.


Like most of Gütermann creativ quality sewing threads, Deco Stitch 70 has been produced using Micro Core Technology®. This is the unrivalled circular spinning process based on micro filaments. This production process makes Deco Stitch 70 top-stitch thread an exceptionally high-quality thread.

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Sewing thread sets Deco Stitch 70

The Deco Stitch 70 decorative stitch thread is available as a single item and in four different sewing thread sets: