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Overlock and coverstitch seams

Sewing your own clothes is trend – and an increasing number of overlock and coverstitch sewing machines are finding their way into people’s craft rooms.

Whether you are using universal threads with Micro Core Technology®, soft and elastic bulk thread or semi-transparent continuous filament, the broadest range of fabrics and knits can be sewn simply, beautifully and professionally using the right Gütermann creativ sewing thread.

Decorative, multicolour seams create fashionable effects and turn your hand-made pieces into personalised fashion highlights. This optimal range of solid colours offers the right colour nuance for any fabric. Fine serging with the semi-transparent continuous filament joins sewing threads and fabric almost invisibly.

High-quality Miniking reels guarantee precise thread movement on all standard household, overlock and coverstitch sewing machines.

Safety Seam

Chain stitch and overlock seam in combination. Closing seam and overlock seam are sewn

Overlock Seam

For elastic seams and overcasting fabric edges.

Flatlock Seam

For sewing of elastic fabrics, decorative effects and decorative seams.

Coverlock Seam

For seaming of elastic fabrics, decorative effects and decorative seams.

Rolled Hem

For overcasting fabric edges on fine and light fabrics.

Miniking 1.000 m

Gütermann creativ Miniking 1.000 m is the universal sewing thread for all household, overlock and coverstitch sewing machines. Miniking 1.000 m in thickness No. 120 masters all closing seams, lockstitch seams and also classical serging with ease. All types of fabrics can be sewn, including fine and light fabrics with fine needles. This universal sewing thread impresses on the grounds of its production technology. The Micro Core Technology® is unique spun technology on the basis of microfilament polyester. For beautiful, strong seams.

Tera 180 2.000 m

Gütermann creativ Tera 180 2.000 m is the specialist sewing thread for fine overlock and coverstitch seams. This semitransparent continuous filament in thickness No. 180 is particularly suited for very fine and light fabrics because of its very smooth thread surface. Whether for classical serging or coverstitch seams – with Tera 180 you can create the finest seams that do not mark when ironed. The semi-transparency ensures an optimal colour match to the fabric.

Bulky-Lock 80 1.000 m

Gütermann creativ Bulky-Lock 80 1.000 m is a high-quality, elastic bulk thread in thickness No. 80 for pleasantly soft serging and very dense cover on cut edges. Heavy to medium-weight fabrics can be sewn particularly simply and attractively on an overlock and coverstitch sewing machine. Bulky-Lock 80, the bulk thread for fashionable, decorative seams and trendy effects in solid or multicolour. The particular advantage: Bulky-Lock 80 is excellent when used as needle and looper thread.

Bulky-Lock 160 2.000 m

Gütermann creativ Bulky-Lock 160 2.000 m is a high quality, elastic bulk thread in thickness No. 160 for pleasantly soft serging and dense cover on cut edges with medium-weight or light fabrics. Fine overlock and coverstitch seams, rolled hems, decorative and effect seams all create an attractive finish. The particular advantage: Bulky-Lock 160 is excellent when used as needle and looper thread.

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