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Gütermann creativ Miniking 1.000 m is the universal sewing thread for all household, overlock and coverstitch sewing machines. Miniking 1.000 m in thickness No. 120 masters all closing seams, lockstitch seams and also classical serging with ease. All types of fabrics can be sewn, including fine and light fabrics with fine needles.

  • Universal sewing thread made of 100 % Polyester
  • For all household, overlock and coverstitch sewing machines
  • Overlock and coverstitch seams
  • Closing and backstitch seams
  • Fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams
  • All fabrics, woven fabrics and many other materials

Needle / Needle size

Universal Needle / Overlock Needle NM 60 - 80


100 % Polyester


No. 120



Art. Length Shades
715263 1.000 m 24 (uni)
715264 1.000 m 6 (multicolour)