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Denim-Box mit Jeans-Nähnadeln und Kunstleder-Labels

Denim-Box with Jeans sewing needles and artificial leather labels

Storage tin in cool denim look. Robust backstitch and decorative seams, the typical denim felled seams and trendy effects are created simply and professionally.




12 spools Denim 100 m
5 SCHMETZ jeans sewing needles
3 artificial leather labels from DORTEX

Product advantages

  • Professional jeans thread
  • Robust and strong
  • Scrub resistant and colour-fast
  • Thread structure suitable for denim fabrics
  • Closing, backstitch and felled seams
  • Ornamental stitches and decorative seams
  • Medium to heavy-weight denim, woven fabrics and many other materials


  • OEKO-TEX_13.HSI.33314

Product selection

Art. Content
731144-1 6 spools
731143-1 12 spools
734564 8 spools + 5 jeans sewing needles
799782 12 spools + 5 jeans sewing needles + 3 artificial leather labels