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Nähfaden-Set Quilting

Sewing thread set Quilting

Sewing thread set with 6 spools of Quilting 200 m. The hand quilting thread made is of 100 % mercerized cotton for all quilting work. The specially waxed surface for particularly smooth sewing, prevents wrinkles when processing by hand. Available in 3 colour assortments.




6 spools Quilting 200 m

Product advantages

  • Special thread for hand quilting
  • Natural thread made of 100 % high quality Cotton
  • Waxed surface for particularly good sliding properties
  • No curling when processing by hand
  • All fabrics, woven fabrics and many other materials

Product selection

Art. Content Colour
731190-1 6 spools nature
731190-2 6 spools blue / green
731190-3 6 spools red / purple
731191-1 12 spools bright