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Nähfaden-Set rPET

Sewing thread set Sew-all Thread rPET

10 spools Sew-all Thread rPET 100 m sorted by colour. Sew-all Thread rPET is 100 % manufactured from recycled PET bottles. The set is available in three colour assortments.




10 spools Sew-all Thread rPET 100 m

Product advantages

  • Universal sewing thread made of 100 % recycled Polyester
  • Sewing with the sewing machine and by hand
  • Closing and backstitch seams
  • Ornamental stitches and decorative seams
  • All fabrics, woven fabrics and many other materials


  • OEKO-TEX_S21-3265

Product selection

Art. Content Colour
731138-1 10 spools basic
731138-2 10 spools pastel
731138-3 10 spools bright
731139-1 20 spools bright