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Nähfaden-Set mit Stecknadeln und Nähmaschinennadeln

Sewing thread set with Pins and Sewing machine needles

12 spools Sew-all Thread 100 m, pearl-headed pins and important universal sewing machine needles. The pearl-headed pins by PRYM are ideal for pinning and tacking.




12 spools Sew-all Thread 100 m
10 Universal sewing machine needles by SCHMETZ
Pearl-headed pins by PRYM

Product advantages

  • Universal sewing thread made of 100 % Polyester
  • Sewing with the sewing machine and by hand
  • Closing and backstitch seams
  • Ornamental stitches and decorative seams
  • All fabrics, woven fabrics and many other materials
  • With the 10 universal sewing machine needles by SCHMETZ in needle sizes NM 70, NM 80, NM 90, NM 100 and NM 110 the right needle for nearly every sewing task is on hand


  • OEKO-TEX_94.0.9492