Sewing threads & Accessories

Threads from Gütermann creativ are outstanding because of the skilful range of colours and exceptional quality. The most up-to-date production processes and the processing of high-quality raw materials guarantee sewing threads with optimum sewing characteristics. Practical aids round off the range of sewing threads.

Sew-all Thread

sew all thread bobbins dressmakers dummyGütermann creativ Sew-all Thread is the right sewing thread for all fabrics and seams. It is outstandingly suitable both for machine and hand sewing, irrespective of the type of stitch ‒ this Sew-All Thread is equal to any challenge.

This particularly high-quality, uniform sewing thread guarantees optimum sewing without fraying and puckered seams with the finest size No. 60 needles. The high tensile strength and abrasion resistance of the sewing thread produce resilient, durable seams. The brilliant colours with their silk-like glamour produce seams which look elegant and are high-quality.

Its high quality and the impressive selection of colours in various yardages make this Sew-all Thread an absolute must-buy product.


Sewing thread rPet


Because we love Nature

1,000 metres sewing thread made from your used PET bottles
We are a global player. But we definitely do not play around with the future of our planet.
Therefore, we have developed an environmentally-friendly sewing thread.
Of course, it satisfies the famous Gütermann quality standards.
The reason why we find the protection of natural resources so important is certainly because we have
been based for 150 years in the beautiful Black Forest. We develop and produce surrounded by
the wonders of Nature. We benefit from the crystal clear, almost lime-free water of
the River Elz. And we want it to stay like this. This is why the 100% recycled rPET
sewing thread has been created from what is there: from your old PET bottles.
Its manufacture requires less energy and generates less CO2.
Brochure Sewing thread rPET
Sew-all Thread rPET 100m
Sew-all Thread rPET

100% recycled Polyester

Sew-all Thread rPET close

Be responsible for the environment – conserve natural resources!
The Sew-all Thread 100 m rPET is the sewing thread from Gütermann creative made of 100% recycled polyester.

top stitch rpet 30m
Top Stitch rPET

100% recycled Polyester

Top Stitch rPETclose

Be responsible for the environment – conserve natural resources!
The Top Stitch 30 m rPET is the sewing thread from Gütermann creative made of 100% recycled polyester.

set sew-all thread rPET
Set Sew-all Thread rPET

100% recycled Polyester

Set Sew-all Thread rPETclose

The sewing thread made of 100 % recycled polyester in a starter kit with the 7 most useful shades.

set top stitch rPET ornamental seams
Set Top Stitch rPET

100% recycled Polyester

Set Top Stitch rPETclose

Set with special sewing thread for ornamental stitches and decorative seams, made from 100 % recycled polyester.
An assortment of 7 shades.

Decorative and duty seams

Particularly heavy and strong sewing threads are used for decorative seams and heavy-duty seams. Decorative seams are an important style feature in fashion: they highlight the contours and make a fashionable statement.
Gütermann creativ Top Stitch thread makes any decorative seam an eye-catcher. Gütermann creativ Extra Strong is the right thread for all seams that are put under strain. This thread is also ideally suited to repairing and sewing denim.

Universal- and Overlocking threads

The Gütermann creativ Miniking universal threads in thickness no. 120 are perfectly suited to all seams and edges. 

Gütermann creativ Tera 180 is a very fine and special overlock thread. The semi-transparency allows an optimum colour alignment, and the edge seam does not make impressions on very fine and light materials after ironing. 

Gütermann creativ Bulky-Lock 80 1,000 m is a high quality elastic Bulk thread for pleasantly soft serger seams and perfect covering for cut selvedges.

miniking 1000m

100% Polyester


Gütermann creativ Miniking 1.000 m is the universal sewing thread for all household, overlock and coverstitch sewing machines. Miniking 1.000 m in thickness No. 120 masters all closing seams, lockstitch seams and also classical serging with ease. All types of fabrics can be sewn, including fine and light fabrics with fine needles.
This universal sewing thread impresses on the grounds of its production technology. The Micro Core Technology® is unique spun technology on the basis of microfilament polyester – Made in Germany. For beautiful, strong seams.

tera 180 2000m
Tera 180

100% Polyester

Tera 180close

Gütermann creativ Tera 180 is a very fine, special overlock thread. Being semi-transparent, it is ideal for matching colours and when serging seams in very fine, light fabrics are ironed, they leave no impression.

Bulky-Lock 80
Bulky-Lock 80

100 % Polyester textured

Bulky-Lock 80close

Gütermann creativ Bulky-Lock 80 1.000 m is a high-quality, elastic bulk thread in thickness No. 80 for pleasantly soft serging and very dense cover on cut edges. Heavy to medium-weight fabrics can be sewn particularly simply and attractively on an overlock and coverstitch sewing machine. Bulky-Lock 80, the bulk thread for fashionable, decorative seams and trendy effects in solid or multicolour.
The particular advantage: Bulky-Lock 80 is excellent when used as needle and looper thread.

Natural cotton threads

Gütermann creativ sewing threads made of 100% cotton are versatile and give all seams a natural character.
Different running lengths in various colours allow a selection to meet your exact requirements.

Silk threads

Gütermann creativ offers sewing threads made of pure silk for fine seams with an elegant look.
Stylish and elegant closing and edging seams are created with Silk S 303. Decorative seams in silk R 753 are particularly elegant.
silk s 303 100m
Silk S 303

100% Silk

Silk S 303close

Gütermann creativ offers sewing threads made from pure silk for fine seams with that classic look.
Stylish, elegant closing and serging seams can be created with Silk S 303. 

silk r 753 30m
Silk R 753

100% Silk

Silk R 753close

Decorative stitching is an important fashion style element: it emphasises the outlines and sets fashionable accents.
Decorative stitching looks especially elegant with Silk R 753.

Special threads

For special effects and applications, Gütermann creativ offers a professional selection of different special threads.
The right sewing thread for any application - irrespective of whether you are sewing by machine or hand.

Sewing accessories

sewing threads accessoriesIn addition to numerous sewing threads, Gütermann creativ offers accessories to make any sewing work easier. 

These practical helpers are indispensable for small repairs, creative craft ideas and lots of other applications.